The document from the Obsolescence and Entropy Mobile Research and Investigation Field Centre Vehicle is a brief introduction into the activities of the group in and around Thurrock, Essex. The document is an exercise in propaganda, aimed primarily at children of all ages. We hope that the circulation of the document will begin a wider radicalisiation of people into politicising their local environments and everyday life that will have repercussions on a global scale.

Nils Norman’s work is informed by urban politics, traditions and histories of utopian thinking and ideas on alternative economic systems that can work within the city. For the past decade Nils Norman has been devising a series of imaginative proposals for improving urban living conditions through community-based initiatives. His most recent exhibitions and projects include “Hamburg Mapping” at the Hamburg Kunstverein (Hamburg, 2003), “Geocruiser” at the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden and The Institute of Visual Culture (Cambridge, 2001), “Dismal Garden” at American Fine Arts Gallery (New York City, 2001). Nils’s publications include “An architecture of play: a survey of London’s adventure playground” (2004) and “The Contemporary Picturesque” (Bookworks, 2000).